Clat 2019 Rescheduled: Boon or Bane For aspirants?

The CLAT has been postponed by two weeks’ time and we are left wondering if that is beneficial for the students. Some of us have read and revised our course material a number of times to regurgitate it right out of our palate. Others have not been through ingesting, but had already set up a timeline to suit an exam on the second Sunday of May. Polls have ruined the obvious and we, like always, cannot blame Modiji for that!

Everyone hates spoiled plans. But, as I grew up, I realized, the screwed up ones are the best of plans. And I won’t abandon this topic here on a half-cooked positive note. I prefer to weigh it a ton. Lame jokes apart, the benefits of this ‘deferment’ are as debatable as another political decision that starts with ‘D’. And, I for sure know that the ‘D’ discourse had repeatedly proved unrewarding, so I will not try to change your mind. But, I would definitely want you to use better arguments and better vocabulary while at your water-cooler meetings. Such as ‘hypersomniacs will get extra two weeks to apply’ or ‘forced insomniacs can take a siesta between SET/AILET and CLAT’, or maybe, ‘SET serves some beneficial purpose after all’. The fact of the matter is, this reschedule allows us 14 extra days. Frankly speaking, it’s a boon for people who are appearing for this exam right after their 12th boards and no so much for those who dedicated a year and remained focussed for the CLAT. For crash crunchers, it increases the time at their disposal by a whopping 33%. Efficient still, if they were just to increase their average scores by 33% too.

Nevertheless, the extra time, in my opinion, will serve good if we are to presume, it isn’t there. Prepare for a 12th May exam and finish all your arrangements as you planned to finish before AILET/SET. Let’s appear for SET/AILET as we are supposed to. Do not forget to analyse them with the perspective of CLAT. No difference so far. The only difference is that after AILET/SET take up a section, a topic or a subject even if you are not comfortable with it. Add an extra feather to your cap and enter CLAT exam centre with something that wasn’t there when you went in for AILET. This extra time allows us to plan something extra. Something which was not possible in 7 days, will now be possible in 21 days. So buckle up aspirants. I forbid you from thinking ‘extra 14 days’. I only allow you maybe a full day’s sleep after the AILET. But that is also just to work you up extra for the next 20 days. So, forget it ever happened, keep up the pace and don’t look too forward. For now ‘Keep Calm and Conquer the Exams!’

All the best!

Team ClatPrep


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